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This is the author site of Alexander (alexlehm), I write a bit on about my life on a remote outpost.

I am not much of a writer, but I like to make small jokes about references to other things like real computers, let’s see how this turns out.

My message stream is Extrasolar Outpost 037.b

The site is also available on Gopher and Gemini. I have a small Gopher page on the site I have a Gemini page at which is running on molly-brown on my shared host, this may not be up all the time since I start it with nohup as a regular user. The site is also available as via kineto or on the Tilde Gemini gateway as An alternate version of the site is available at, the site is also available as (hosted by Adële, if that is not an argument why you should use UTF-8 in a communication, I don’t know what is).

In real life I am a 50+ guy from Germany and I am very much into computing, on Tilde and SDF mostly about retro stuff like IRC.

My tilde email address is

Around the Tildeverse and other communities I have some links (plain blog, not much content yet) (different projects including this site) (not sure if this makes sense, I wanted to try out Tildepages)

A gopher page is at or via web gateway

I also have a few SDF resources that I use, e.g.

My homepage on SDF is

I have created a page about SDF resources I use on my main site at as well as a Tilde page at

For general info you can use my links page (all “normal” social sites like Insta), an older version of the list is at or visit my Mastodon at

Due a config on cosmic, my mastodon account is also findable with the id, e.g. if you use search in the GUI

I have the same account name on most sites, so if there is a public site, odds are you will find a user called alexlehm. This didn’t work for Telegram for some reason, there it is a russian guy, so he was faster.

I have a few IRC accounts called alexlehm, on and and also on On tilde I have chosen the hostname alexlehm@member.of.cosmicvoyage

If you want something secure, you can contact me on Matrix or you can use XMPP/OMEMO on or on

I have created a solid profile, not sure how useful that is

All these have different invervals where I am online, Libera and Tilde runs on a bouncer, Tilde has weechat running on a shell account, so I might be reachable all the time, xmpp probably not but that supports offline message as well as Matrix does.

Or you can use plain old email on my main mail account with OpenPGP with the key alexlehm@gmail. You will find the same key on keyoxide or keybase. If you want to use Tilde email, you can use PGP as well. The key is not on keyservers since Tilde email is not reachable from the outside Internet, it is not possible to submit it.

If you want to be really retro, you might be able to finger me on sdf or on tilde (inside the network only) and maybe contact me via talk (how is that for a retro chat thing?). finger alexlehm@cosmic should work

In closing I should say that this page is made with Emacs on the Tilde account and uses Hugo to create the static site. I use Emacs since the 90s when I started using *nix machines (probably 1992)